Lucki- The Movie
Lucki - The Movie
Stay Tuned for Information about casting and funding.  The 2014 hit family film is in Pre-Production.  This is a 24seven Filmz Joint!

William Clark is currently casting for his 2014 short film  
A thriller that introduces a talented child actress who will rise through Hollywood after her debut.  

If you are interested in support or being part of either film, contact 24seven Filmz.

Why Use Us!

There are hundreds if not thousands of aspiring Videographers in the world that would be more than eager to shoot your next short film, video, wedding or commercial but @ 24seven Filmz we believe that every project starts with a dream and not with the shot.  

We will walk you  through a process that will always leave you amazed with the final product.  We work hand and hand with you to get your vision your goals and your dreams well before we start the actual process of shooting.
Let us take your dream and make it a MOVIE.

Our Experience Shows!

We have experience in the major key in Cinematography.  

We are not only videographers we are artist and musicians.  We have been in the Music industry for over 20 years, in the Creative design business for over 15 years and into video for over 10 years combined. We work with Film Cameras to Pro Mini-DV to DSLR.  We have two full service Production Audio studios and two post production Video Labs.  Wiith all of this said, let our experience and our creativity shine through!

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